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  • She did damn near shoot my head off during the robbery, Lewis said pointedly, making Will frown.
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  • Yet as Linda watched her, she was momentarily distracted by the other woman s profile. A man Elsa had not seen before was walking toward her, his eyes on the wolf.
  • She concluded that it had to do with his fame. Something about the note struck Charlotte as familiar, and after a moment, it occurred to her.
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  • He seemed to do his best to try and sleep, oblivious to her attention; he rested his temple against the window frame and kept his eyes closed. To realize the indignities you have heaped upon your poor mother.
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  • In Ted s terror, he backed up into one of his shelves housing his football trophies.
  • Are you sure Jason knows that you were introducing him to Miriam?
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  • She smiled, and he smiled back for her, an unspoken way of making amends.
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    You do a great job of hiding the fact that they can get to you. Richie says he s a fine man, and Richie is a good judge of character.
    Roding and Cheadle would keep their peace as long as you marry Roding--until the vows are proffered, that is. So when the gods bless someone as a proper sacrifice, meaning they allow them to be born in their fur, they must be sacrificed on the first full moon of their twenty-eighth year when their power is strongest.
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  • His glasses fell off his face and landed on the carpet in front of him. Cuts and scrapes burned her knees and hands, but she was too concerned about her ankle to care about the minor cuts.
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  • He only knows me in passing, and if you loan me your hat for disguise, he will not know me at all, Una said.
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    Without warning, Valear raised one of his boney hands just to crack it across Lucas cheek, Wake up. She reached back in her nightstand and pulled out her hand held mirror, Some people have bibles, I have a mirror.
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  • She turned her attention back to her ipod and shut her eyes.
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  • Her eyes were closed in a peaceful slumber, she was sleeping on her stomach with her face turned toward Tanya.
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  • Elsa was elated to be back in the safe confines of her room where she wouldn t be mauled by strangers.
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  • I enjoy working here, but I m not in touch with the female clientele. It seemed so real that they still tingled as did the rest of her from the memory of his touch.
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  • You will have the power to seek out whomever you desire, just by feeling out their existence. Now, you won t hang up on me, will you?
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    A soft feminine voice raised him out of his thoughts and he swiftly concealed them. She sighed, got out of bed, showered, dressed, and carefully groomed herself.
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  • His eyes changed to their luminescent shine as they shot open. Noting the people who turned to stare at them, she snapped, What are you looking at?
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